Keychains Made of Elements

Coraline made of Elements Keychain – squares that represent elements of the periodic table. You can customize this gift. Move the design around, change the background color or style, add text or images -- make it your own! View on Zazzle
WHO Made of Elements Keychain – Another fun gift idea from! View on Zazzle
WINe Periodic Table Keychain – WINe written with elements of the Periodic Table. Customizable Background. Choose the background color you want by clicking Customize button - Background. View on Zazzle
Whimsical Elements of Shenanigans Keychain – This funny elemental design uses green blocks to spell out SHENANIGANS. Actual chemical elements are presented with their name, symbol, and atomic number in each of... View on Zazzle
Famous made of Elements Keychain – The word Famous is spelled out in this design using chemical elements of the periodic table: Fluorine + Americium + Oxygen + Uranium + Sulfur =... View on Zazzle
Ireland made of Elements Keychain – This Irish design spells the word IRELAND in elements of the periodic table: Iodine + Rhenium + Lathanum + Deodymium = IReLaNd Great gifts here for people... View on Zazzle
TaCoS Periodic Table Keychain – TaCoS Periodic Table Choose a different background color by clicking on the Customize button and Background Color. View on Zazzle
Funny made of Elements Keychain – This funny t-shirt is great for anyone with a sense of humor. The word 'funny' is spelled out with chemical elements of the periodic table: Fluorine... View on Zazzle
Honduras made of Elements Keychain – The name of this Central American country is spelled with symbols of the periodic table: Holmium + Neodymium + Uranium + Radium + Sulfur = HoNdURaS.... View on Zazzle
Chess Made of Elements Graphic Chess Pieces Design Keychain – The word CHESS is spelled out using elements of the periodic table: Carbon (C); Helium (He); and Sulfur (S). The letters are presented in blocks as... View on Zazzle
CHeF Periodic Table Keychain – CHeF Periodic Table View on Zazzle