Halloween Fun with Elements

Get ready for a fun Halloween to remember and dress up your passion with these fun t-shirts inspired by elements, chemistry, and the periodic table. These original designs feature real elements and their actual scientific values, as well as imaginary elements suitable for the holiday! Spread humor with these unique apparel designs this Halloween and beyond!

The Elements of Surprise BOO Funny Halloween T-Shirt

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This funny t-shirt design for Halloween features the word BOO spelled out using the elements Boron and Oxygen. Each element is shown inside an orange outlined square that shows the vital stats of each material. The entire design is captioned "The Elements of Surprise" in all capital letters using a spooky font that appears to drip blood!

Funny Pumpkin Element T-Shirt for Halloween

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This fun element-inspired t-shirt design features the imaginary element of "Pumpkin" with the symbol Pu. The stats for this whimsical, made-up element include the atomic number of 94.  The element is shown inside a big orange square, making this fun design perfect for fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving celebrations.

Scary Made of Elements Halloween Funny Long Sleeve Tee

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Here's a simple and funny costume idea for someone who loves chemistry and wants to keep their costume simple. The long-sleeve top features the word SCARY spelled out using elements from the periodic table: Sulfur; Carbon; Argon; and Yttrium. The elements are presented inside squares that alternate between purple and orange, perfect colors for Halloween and autumn. This scary design is available on different apparel options, including short sleeve tops and sweatshirts; visit the product page to see more options.

Funny I'm A Pirate Ar Element Costume T-Shirt

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Dress up as the world's most nerdy pirate this Halloween with this funny and simple element-inspired t-shirt. The element of Argon is featured with the caption "I'm a Pirate" in the place where the name would normally appear. Wear this one on Halloween, Talk Like a Pirate Day, and any other time you're feeling in a pirate mood.

Whimsical Imaginary Element Zm Zombie T-Shirt for Halloween

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This fun graphic t-shirt features the imaginary element Zm, called "Zombie", with the atomic number of 13 (actually 13 is Aluminum). Dress up as a zombie with this simple costume t-shirt and share your love of chemistry and/or science. The all-white graphic image pops on a black t-shirt as shown here, or use Zazzle's tools to choose a different apparel color or style.

Elements for Mother's Day

Celebrate your mom or other mother figure in your life with a special gift made just for her. Here we're featuring two different apparel designs that are perfect for moms to wear on Mother's Day or any day. As a reminder, the next Mother's Day will be celebrated on May 14, 2023.

Elements for Father's Day

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Celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day in Elemental Style!

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Fun Elements of Thanksgiving Custom Year T-Shirt

Celebrate Thanksgiving with chemistry-inspired charm when you customize this funny unique t-shirt. The design is inspired by the typical squares you'd find in a periodic table, but the imaginary element here is Tg for Thanksgiving. Customize this unique science + holiday mashup design with the year in the lower...