Holiday-Inspired Elements

Shop for apparel and gifts with mash-up designs inspired by both holiday events and elements from the periodic table. Find designs that spell out holiday words or feature design elements from seasons, events, and times of the year.

Fun Elements of Thanksgiving Custom Year T-Shirt

Celebrate Thanksgiving with chemistry-inspired charm when you customize this funny unique t-shirt. The design is inspired by the typical squares you'd find in a periodic table, but the imaginary element here is Tg for Thanksgiving. Customize this unique science + holiday mashup design with the year in the lower...

Halloween Fun with Elements

Get ready for a fun Halloween to remember and dress up your passion with these fun t-shirts inspired by elements, chemistry, and the periodic table. These original designs feature real elements and their actual scientific values, as well as imaginary elements suitable for the holiday! Spread humor with these unique apparel designs this Halloween and beyond!

Celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day in Elemental Style!

Ahoy, me hearties, it'll soon be Talk Like a Pirate Day! One of our most popular parody holidays, celebrated each year on September 19th, is a fun one to share with silly phrases and funny memes, and perfectly themed t-shirts! Here we've found some mashups that take elements...

Elements for Father's Day

Celebrate your dad or other father figure in your life with a special gift made for for him! Here we've featured two different apparel designs that are perfect for dads to wear on Father's Day or any day! These are especially perfect for dads who are interested in...

Elements for Mother's Day

Celebrate your mom or other mother figure in your life with a special gift made just for her. Here we're featuring two different apparel designs that are perfect for moms to wear on Mother's Day or any day. As a reminder, the next Mother's Day will be celebrated on May 14, 2023.