Funny Ha Element of Wit, Wisdon, Insight T-Shirt

Adorable Husky Made of Elements Dog Lover T-Shirt

This super cute dog lover t-shirt design mashes up the popular elements style with a beloved pooch. Elemental letters spell out HUSKY. A cartoon Husky dog smiles and waves from behind the blocks of text. The entire adorable design is captioned unexpectedly with all cap text that...

Elements for Mother's Day

Celebrate your mom or other mother figure in your life with a special gift made just for her. Here we're featuring two different apparel designs that are perfect for moms to wear on Mother's Day or any day. 

Funny Periodic Element Gold Goldfish Mug

Instead of a square to represent a letter or letters in the style of the periodic table, here a shape related to Gold (Au) is featured: a Goldfish silhouette in yellow! This unique element design shows the atomic number of gold (79) along with its representative letters (Au) in...

Halloween Fun with Elements

Get ready for a fun Halloween to remember and dress up your passion with these fun t-shirts inspired by elements, chemistry, and the periodic table. These original designs feature real elements and their actual scientific values, as well as imaginary elements suitable for the holiday! Spread humor with these unique apparel designs this Halloween and beyond!